Fitness & Dance

Centro Cultural Dendê do Recife offers classes and workshops in Brazilian folkloric dances (Coco, Passo/Frevo, Maracatu) as well as fitness classes. Classes are offered seasonally, so continue to check back for details on new classes.

Rhythm and Flow Movement Class

Women’s Fitness Class - If James Brown was to teach Fitness it would look like this…..

This music-driven class fuses together muscle sculpting, core firming and flexibility increasing movements with soul, funk and rhythmic music. This is a low-impact class that is created for women, using your own body as the primary tool in achieving your fitness results. No fitness level is required, rather all fitness levels are encouraged but be prepared to be challenged at all levels. Come to sweat, work hard, challenge yourself and enjoy the benefits. (no weights or equipment).

Yoga mats are used, bring your own or use one from the studio.