Grupo de Capoeira Dendê do Recife has been offering classes to kids and teens in this region for more than a decade. Developed with young people in mind, these dynamic classes get students moving and active, while promoting discipline, confidence, respect, self-awareness, creativity and spontaneity.  Capoeira is one of the best ways to develop mind, body and strength, students of all levels learn self-expression in a fun and playful environment. 

Kids classes are currently on hold until a new location is secured. 


AGES 7 - 9
Can't decide whether to register your child for music classes, gymnastics, dance or martial arts? Why not all of them at once!

Children will learn the cultural and historical aspects of capoeira, while strengthening physical qualities, such as balance, motor skills, coordination and strength. Capoeira is a non-contact discipline that teaches children about respecting each other and learning through teamwork. It is not about winning or losing, but about working together to develop one another's skills in the game. 


AGES 10 - 13
As an activity that combines many different elements, capoeira offers something for every student, awakening the musical, physical, artistic and creative sides of youth and children.  Classes focus on fundamental movements and their applications, including kicks, dodges, ground movements and combinations, as well as basic acrobatics, rhythm and music.
* Older students are welcome to join adult classes.