Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines and embodies elements of combat, music, acrobatics and much more.  Capoeira is an art form for anyone and everyone. 


Centro Cultural offers capoeira classes for various levels, from beginner to advanced.  Beginners require no prior experience in martial arts or acrobatics and are encouraged to work within their comfort zone. Capoeira helps build cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and rhythm. You will be surprised at what you can do only after a few classes!  Classes generally focus on the fundamentals of capoeira, its movements and applying these in games and the roda, where the art form is put into practice. 

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Embracing the growing presence of women in this art form, Dendê do Recife offers a specially designed class taught by Instrutora Sereia for women of all levels. The program focuses on fundamental capoeira techniques and applying the movements in a capoeira game.  The class is tailored to its students, putting emphasis on the most effective training techniques for women and their development in the art form.